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Join me for this life transformative journey.

Healing, coaching, mentoring & Intuitive INsight during each call!

Each session is intuitively created and guided on-the-spot.....bringing through tools of insight, awakening and empowerment for your journey to health and wellbeing on every level! Helping you to understand the inner workings of your body, mind and soul.


For more information on your Mind-Body-Soul topics covered in each week, please continue reading below!


To sample how the sessions flow feel free to listen to RADIANT BODY MP3 from our first Radiant Health Series:


To get signed up right away follow the arrow.....An email will be sent to you with the audio links! Each session is an average of 75 minutes and you get to keep the recordings!

This Live Healing & Mentoring Course is for you if you've ever felt or thought any of the following:


"I feel confused...What's the right path to take?"


"I have been feeling depressed & disconnected from life. I wish I knew a way out...."


"I have been experiencing so much anxiety that I feel out of control. How do I calm myself down & ease my chest pain?"


"I've tried to heal & let go of the past but it keeps coming back. I feel like I keep repeating the same stuff over & over again."


"I just received a diagnosis & I feel helpless."


"Why does my body flare up with so much pain?"


"I have been feeling out of balance. I just want to feel normal again."

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  • Access unlimited energy & vitality.

  • Listen to your Soul's calling & higher insight.

  • Access your Higher-Expanded Self & allow it to inspire your life.

  • Empowered within your body rather than being controlled or confined by it.

  • Speed healing techniques.

  • Understand the mind-body connection.

  • Freedom from confusion.

  • Clarity from the mind-fog so that you can make easy, clear decisions.

  • Tame the monkey-mind that runs a-muck & creates chaos.

Tara is a holistic rockstar. She is undoubtably one of Canada’s best holistic healers. She is one of my favourite people on the planet and will be able to offer unparalleled mentoring to any student lucky enough to work with her.

Morgan Toombs, RN, TLT

Relationship Expert, Personal Transformation Coach

Tara’s innate empathetic and compassionate nature, not only make her a beautiful human being, but an invaluable teacher. She has a special way of creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. She very thoughtfully helps each student in her courses, offering her knowledge and then allowing and encouraging each participant to personalize his or her own approach.

Sophia Kolinas

Actress, Artist & School Teacher

Discover how easy it is to experience health & wellbeing on all levels!

Shift the blocks & barriers that prevent your healing!

Elevate your energy field & embody more vital life force energy!

Free Online 3-Part Course in Self Healing!

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